Richard Zahner joins the V3 Advisory Board

Mr. Richard Zahner has agreed to join V3’s Advisory Board. Mr. Zahner holds degrees in mechanical and nuclear engineering from Marquette University and has become a renowned industry expert in power plant engineering and operations in North America over the last 35 years. Mr. Zahner previously served as a senior engineer at Bechtel before becoming VP Operations at Calpine Corporation and is now the founding principal at the Almaden Group.

Ann Banks and Jared Walker join the V3 Advisory Board

Ms. Ann Banks and Mr. Jared Walker have agreed to join V3’s Advisory Board.  Ms. Banks has become a leading expert in the power industry of North America over the past 20 years and has served as a senior executive at Calpine, Sindicatum, and Summit Power.  Mr. Walker is a leader in the information technology sector having served as a manager and / or executive at Oracle, Hewlett Packard, OneView Health, and as co-founder of Complete Computing Services.

V3 Advisory Board Formed

Dr. David Flint and Mr. Stephen Nash have agreed to help form a new advisory group focused on the development, testing, and eventual commercialization of V3’s utility scale wind amplified power system.  Dr. Flint is a professor of business strategy at Texas A&M University and a leading expert in the field of strategy and entrepreneurship.  Mr. Nash holds a JD and a Master’s degree in international tax and accounting and is a former lead for international tax at Deloitte Consulting.